• Customers can check in at their gate using their phone number and then confidently dine, shop, and explore the airport. They will receive a text message notifying them to return to their boarding gate.



  • Your customers can find a service location with the best wait time for them. Customers check in with a cell phone number and receive a text message when you are ready to service their vehicle.



  • Measure customer service performance metrics, publish customer service wait times so they can choose the branch with the shortest wait.


Beauty Industries

  • Customers usually only have a short window of time to enjoy pampering themselves. Clients can check wait times and see which location has the best availability, saving your sale!



  • If an electronic device needs repairing it is usually a crisis. Publish how long customers have to wait to get their electronics repaired and allow them to check in with a cell phone number and receive a text message when it is their turn for service.


Government, Military, and Nonprofit Organizations

  • Transparency is an important part of any nonprofit, government, or military agency. It allows donors and taxpayers to see where their money is going and how recipients of benefits are treated and prioritized. The Check Box™ provides third party transparency.


Health Care

  • Wait times are one of the largest influences on patient satisfaction scores. Increase patient satisfaction by publishing average wait times updated hourly.



  • Americans love to eat out, but hate to wait for tables. Our applications will track and publish waits. Patrons use their cell phone number when reserving a table and receive a text message when it is ready.


Retail and Repair

  • Stand out against competitors. Publish how long customers have to wait for their items to be serviced or repaired and they will choose you, because their time matters.


Roller Coasters & Theme Parks

  • Park attendees check in at the desired roller coaster or other feature and then shop confidently at surrounding food and merchandise vendors. They receive a notification when they should board the ride.



  • People want immediate care for their pets. Publish average wait times updated hourly for appointments on our app.